Shrink Wrapping Consultation & Training

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Tufwrap Australia provides anti corrosion and preservation consultancy to all major industries within Australia and Internationally,

Tufwrap Australia has cemented its place in the market as a trusted company. Through years of relationship building and a portfolio of successful projects, we can assist you:

  • Achieve cost reductions associated with long term degradation in storage and transport
  • decrease time repairing or maintaining products in any storage of logistics process
  • Guarantee a reliable and high quality outcome.
  • Tailor products to for clients with specific tasks

Through material customization and corrosion preservation control, and a specialist knowledge in polymer technologies, Tufwrap Australia services can reduce total cost and time in all production and storage processes through a proven preservation solution package. From the initial consultation Tufwrap Australia will identify individual customer requirements, and create a tailored package to meet your needs.

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