Scaffold Sheeting and Shrink Wrap

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Offering protection for construction sites and workers

Tufwrap is Melbourne’s premier scaffold sheeting service and supplier, providing businesses in the industry with a scaffold encapsulation service at any stage through construction.

Versatile encapsulation techniques allow us to work across a diverse range of industries and projects

Due to Tufwrap Australia’s innovative processes and technologies, we are able to provide tailored solutions to scaffolding projects of any size or shape, providing:

  • Weather Protection: helping reduce cost on days lost due to adverse weather
  • Environmental Control: create the environment you need to optimise work processes ie; dehumidify, humidify, temperature control
  • Increase Safety: falling objects and other construction related debris
  • Work Site Segregation: create work areas and isolate work duties from each other to prevent contamination
  • Contamination Control: great for lead paint and asbestos removal
  • Clean Presentation: Work can be completed away from the public eye
  • High visibility/ impact advertising space for you and your client
  • Environmentally Friendly Solution: 100% recyclable

It is imperative that quality is the highest priority when it comes to offering protection for your works and your construction site. Get in touch with the Melbourne specialists at Tufwrap on +613 9041 9557 to ensure your construction area is encapsulated to the highest standard.