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Protection and storage of high-value defence equipment.

TUFWRAP recognises defence force sectors have varying and specific needs when it comes to protecting precious assets. This may be while the asset is in the field, in storage or while in transit. Working closely with military and government industry bodies, TUFWRAP have developed and evolved our standard products and systems to suit the niche requirements of military divisions. Our specialised supplies are designed to protect high-value equipment and machinery from damage and corrosion. These innovative systems can be used for logistical transportation or to keep assets perfectly preserved while in storage.

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    In-field protection and storage of assets

    A TUFWRAP solution provides a low-impact, yet highly-protective barrier against external conditions and temperature fluctuations. Safeguarding assets against the common issues of rust, corrosion and the onset of mildew, TUFWRAP can be applied to military vehicles, tanks or weaponry while in the field or as a longer-term storage option. These preservation solutions are highly-effective and uphold the quality and condition of the asset, ensuring a fast turn-around from storage to battle-ready condition.

    Need to pack and ship sensitive government assets? TUFWRAP can help.

    TUFWRAP has years of experience providing custom solutions and products for government and military projects. From shrink wrapping and shipping helicopters and submarines to transporting smaller precious assets, there’s no job too large or complex.  

    Asset tracking and monitoring during transportation

    We understand that sensitive assets require a completely controlled and stable environment. Our advanced tracking systems actively monitors the condition of the shrink-wrapped cargo during the transportation process and provides constant updates throughout the journey. As proud industry leaders in this area, our application gives you piece of mind your assets are safe and secure.

    Discover how TUFWRAP products can deliver greater security, reliability and readiness to your specialised defence project.

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