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Want the highest quality shrink wrap on the market? Look no further than Verisafe®.

TUFWRAP are proud to work alongside the world’s top manufacturers to provide the highest quality products to our customers. We’re a trusted distributor of Verisafe®, which is one of the most advanced shrink wrap solutions available. European-made, the Verisafe® industrial encapsulation system is best suited for large projects which require an ultra-resistant thermoplastic system. Ideal for both interior and exterior applications, Verisafe® ensures the proper protection and containment of partial builds and scaffolding.

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    Product benefits of Verisafe®

    • Available in flame retardant (B1 Certification) and non-flame retardant, in gauges up to 500 UM.
    • Bi-directional 60/45% shrink
    • Puncture resistant
    • Highly resistant to UV
    • Bi-directional shrink with a wind resistance of 170km/h
    • Fire resistance: LPS 1207 & 1215. EN 13501, 1-b, S-1, d0 – M1
    • All films ISO 9001 – 2008 rated

    3 reasons to use Verisafe® on your construction project

    A tough, weather-proof encapsulation solution, Verisafe® has been specifically designed for use on construction sites. Most effective when it is shrunk and welded on-site, it offers top performance against environmental factors and is ideal for protecting partial builds, scaffolding and cables against wind, rain and heat.  


    It stays strong against high winds
    With its bi-directional shrink composition, Verisafe® shrinks to the same ratio vertically as it does horizontally. This means it is easy to apply and can be re-shrunk a second time if the project has multiple phases. A bi-directional shrink also makes it is better equipped to deal with the forces of high winds and is safe in gusts up to 170km/h. With a fully-encapsulated Verisafe® system, work is able to continue safely and securely, even during adverse weather conditions.


    It’s exceptionally durable for long-term use
    The durability of any shrink wrap solution is determined by the effectiveness of its welding.  Strong welding ensures the stability and permanence of the encapsulation. Verisafe® uses high-quality material, which means the welding will not dissolve over time. A tight, drum-like application makes the encapsulation hard-wearing and reduces the chance of punctures and tears.


    It is flame retardant to protect against fire damage
    Verisafe® holds one of the highest and most trusted certifications in flame retardancy capabilities. This ensures flame damage is limited and not transferred by the burning of the plastic. This level of flame-retardant certification makes for a safer worksite.

    TUFWRAP provide full service and training for all encapsulation solutions. Get in touch to find out which material is best suited to your project.

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