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Blast & Paint

Attention project managers: why you need an on-site containment solution

Creating a controlled environment for blasting and coating work is crucial to the success of your project. It’s no secret a good paint job relies on comprehensive blasting and a clean, even surface. Enclose and control your area with TUFWRAP. Customisable to suit any scope of work, our shrink wrap sheeting contains fallout and stops it spreading. By isolating the blasting zone, it also allows for quick and easy removal of residue from the worksite.

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    5 benefits of TUFWRAP sheeting for blasting works:

    1. Versatile solutions: On-site blasting, painting and coating containment solutions of any size or specification, including under bridges, on top of buildings and overwater structures.
    2. Fast installation: Our systems are quick to erect and completely customisable on-site. This helps avoid delays and keep projects on-track.
    3. Easy residue removal: Proper suppression and removal of fallout and debris.
    4. Environmental control: Total area containment for environmental protection, particularly for overwater structures when residue management regulations are stringent.
    5. Separating work areas: Section-off blasting zones for effective project management.

    Protect your paintwork and coatings from the elements (and ward-off rainy days)

    With the lost time and associated cost of rained-off days, it makes sense to look for an alternative weather-guarding option when carrying out painting and coating works. TUFWRAP allows you to continue with the job, even during bad weather or in the wet season. A temporary shrink wrap system is applied around the job zone to protect it from rain, temperature fluctuations, dust and debris. This clean, contained area helps avoid common paint defects that lead to peeling, cracking, bubbling, and fading. With a TUFWRAP solution, you’re much more likely to achieve a quality application, ensuring your paint work is fit for warranty through the paint manufacturer.

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    Big or small, odd shapes or challenging locations, TUFWRAP can manufacture a containment solution to suit your needs. Time-sensitive projects and work-shut downs are not a problem, we offer a fast turn-around to get your project up and running again.

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