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Shrink Wrap Accessories

Consider TUFWRAP accessories and supplies for your next project

Using only top-quality, cutting-edge materials, TUFWRAP provide a range of pre-made kits and clever off-the-roll solutions for your industrial project. We offer turn-key solutions for storage, transportation and encapsulation. These end-to-end supplies are completely customisable and can be used across a broad scope of sectors.

Ask about these TUFWRAP supplies for your next project:

  • Modulated bags
  • Pod module
  • Shrink kits
  • Hatches
  • Shrink wrap tapes
  • Shrink wrap guns
  • Desiccants

Learn about popular accessories we offer
Already know the tool or supply you need? We offer a variety of accessories to help complete your project quickly and efficiently.

Shrink Wrap Tapes
Tough and waterproof, our adhesive Shrink Wrap Tape bonds best to clean surfaces as a reinforcement for seams or for patching small holes. Our tape offers exceptional strength and is durable in all weather conditions. Shrink Wrap Tapes are available from 50mm to 150mm in Flame Retardant and Standard.

Python Strap ™
A safe and secure strapping system, Python Strap™ are the market leaders in buckle systems. Available in a variety of breaking strengths, these straps come complete with all buckles, tensioners and Shrink Wrap Tapes.

Shrink Wrap Guns
Shrink Wrap Guns are an essential piece of equipment when applying shrink wrapping. It’s used for the welding and joining of individual sheets and creating a drum-tight finish. TUFWRAP are distributors of the HORNET Shrink Gun, the most powerful shrink wrap gun on the market.

  • Light weight at 500g
  • <81 DB
  • Complete with case and operational in a minute
  • Pressure control and trigger spares
  • 2-year guarantee

Desiccant bags
These moisture absorbing bags (or drying agents) are designed for use in storage systems, in transport containers or in boat wraps. They regulate temperature and humidity and assist with asset preservation when moisture is a factor. Effectively, they lower the level of condensation and help protect assets against rust.

Need an access point in your containment system? TUFWRAP has the solution.
Need an access point within your containment system? Need a window or even a door where there isn’t one? TUFWRAP provide clever solutions to section-off work zones and create access points. We also provide Velcro and zip access solutions to optimise accessibility to your assets while keeping the area contained. All our materials are of the highest quality PE resins, and if we don’t have it, we are able to make it for you.

Use TUFWRAP supplies and training for better on-site safety

As Melbourne’s premier industrial containment and preservation supplier, on-site safely is of utmost importance to us. We provide comprehensive training for your on-site workers on how to apply all our supplies. Additionally, the TUFWRAP team are available for consultation to ensure these systems are utilised correctly and safely.

Need to find the right supplies, fast? With straight-forward processes and easy applications, TUFWRAP provide all the tools and accessories you need.

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