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Providing specialised preservation systems for the aviation industry

The aviation and aerospace industry demand an exceptional standard of preservation performance. TUFWRAP work closely with government agencies and defence sectors to deliver effective solutions to suit the aviation industry. We’ve effectually protected various types of aircraft, including helicopters, for transportation across sea and land. Our systems offer efficient protection for all types of aircraft and can be applied and removed quickly.

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    3 benefits of shrink wrap for the aviation industry

    1. Protects against abnormal external conditions
      When transporting aircraft by truck, rail or sea, the asset is exposed to a foreign environment. Inevitably, it will be subjected to weather conditions it wouldn’t usually encounter, which can lead to undue damage. TUFWRAP safely contains the item and protects it against the elements.
    2. Saves on cleaning after the journey
      A custom-fitted TUFWRAP solution is cut and fixed on-site to ensure a tight and completely sealed finish. Proper application ensures no moisture or contaminants permeate the containment solution, and the asset arrives at its destination in the same condition it left. This saves time and effort in cleaning and detailing the asset after the journey.
    3. Contains valuable parts and components
      Our products and systems can be applied to items of all shapes and sizes. This is essential when protecting unusual parts, from o-rings to propellers, electronics to tyres and other sensitive equipment. TUFWRAP systems allow stress-free transportation and storage, without the worry that items will become contaminated by dust, dirt and water.

    Learn how TUFWRAP’s anti-corrosion technologies keep critical spares in pristine condition

    Maintaining a clean and uncontaminated environment for critical aircraft spares is essential in preserving their operational state. Using specialised custom-fitted sheeting, a TUFWRAP system allows critical spares to be put into long-term mothballing quickly and effectively. By applying the proper TUFWRAP containment methods, each item is perfectly preserved with a durable, corrosion protected, weather-proof layer. The asset is then protected against common long-term storage issues, such as dust, corrosion and mildew and can be returned to active service swiftly and easily, should it ever be needed. This fast turn-around time from storage to service allows aviation units to keep operations on schedule.

    Planning aircraft repairs? Use TUFWRAP containment systems to maintain a clean workspace

    Need a clean workspace for repair works? TUFWRAP can help! Our soft-seal solutions can be applied to any surface or around assets to protect them from the surrounding environment. This allows repair works and inspections to be carried out on any part of an aircraft with complete confidence it won’t be impacted or delayed by external conditions.

    From an on-wing engine repair to the complete encapsulation of the airframe, TUFWRAP can engineer a solution to suit. We are also able to provide your company personnel with the materials, supplies and tooling needed to erect a TUFWRAP system. We offer comprehensive training on how to use our products to ensure your in-house personnel have the expertise for proper application.

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