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  • Quick Turn Around
  • 100% Recyclable

Why choose TUFWRAP?

Proudly Australian owned and operated, TUFWRAP is a leading provider for containment and asset management services in the Asia Pacific region.  Our mission is to identify the individual needs of our customers and facilitate a tailored solution for the long-term preservation of critical assets. TUFWRAP offers solutions to all aspects of logistics,

transport, warehousing and encapsulation for short, medium- and long-term storage

preservation and remediation requirements.

No one knows our products better than we do. Our specialised systems have been conceptualised and developed by us, which means we know them inside out and can customise them to suit your needs. We have an agile, innovative approach to problem solving. If we don’t have a solution, we’ll create one!

What we do differently

We understand there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution for every industry’s preservation, transportation and containment needs. Each project we work on has its own set of challenges and requires its own specific resolution. We’re constantly looking for new and improved technologies to exceed expectations and add value for our clients. With this out-of-the-box thinking, we create highly effective and sometimes even radical results.

  • Nimble containment solutions
  • Innovative systems for asset management
  • Condition tracking technology for critical assets
  • Versatile preservation procedures and techniques
  • Experience in a broad cross-section of industries
  • In-depth project consultation and supply
  • Eco-sustainable materials

Where we’ve come from

Built on a foundation of quality and integrity, TUFWRAP was established in 2010 by British expat, Simon Archdale. An entrepreneur with a background in the marine industry, Simon identified an opportunity, and began offering preservation wraps and winterization packages for vessels. His keen interest in the evolution of shrink-wrapping technologies led him into other areas of protection and containment. This thirst for innovation has been engrained in the TUFWRAP DNA. Following Simon’s lead, the team relentlessly explore new products and processes to add to the company’s armory.

Where we’re headed

Quickly expanding from humble beginnings, TUFWRAP is now growing steadily through south-east Asia. Working with a network of trusted global partners, we provide products to suit a range of industries, including defence and government bodies. Currently, we’re busy developing an enterprising piece of tracking technology to take our asset preservation offering to the next level.

Projects we’re proud of

In 2018, TUFWRAP was integral in the preservation and restoration of Melbourne’s iconic Palais Theatre. The restoration works involved wrapping the entire façade of the building and contained wash and debris while repair works were carried out. These works breathed new life into the historic art deco venue.

TUFWRAP have continually been awarded contracts with the Malaysian navy to support their ongoing naval maintenance program. 2018 also saw TUFWRAP become heavily involved in both the Shell Prelude and INPEX projects.

In the Northern Territory, TUFWRAP have been leading the way in creating containment and preservation solutions for humid conditions. Supporting contractors, we’ve created comprehensive and ongoing asset preservation systems that hold-up in challenging, tropical environments.

In Brisbane, TUFWRAP provided one of the largest containment projects ever seen in Australia for the Mirvac Ann Street redevelopment. The 32-story commercial tower spanned one whole city block, with the intent to become a new heritage-inspired retail market. The project involved complete containment of the site, along with masonry restoration of the heritage building in accordance with preservation requirements.