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Project Managers: How to deliver construction jobs on time (and avoid excess labour costs).

Are weather delays prolonging your construction project and costing you extra in time and labour? We have a solution for that.

Keep jobs moving and your timelines on-track with TUFWRAP. Using cutting-edge shrink-wrap technology, TUFWRAP can be tailored to the size and specifications you require, protecting exposed areas of your site against rain, wind or excessive heat. This keeps workers sheltered from the weather and prevents the need for work stoppages.

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    A customisable TUFWRAP solution allows you to:

    • Protect building sites from environmental factors.
    • Avoid the overrun cost and lost revenue associated with weather delays.
    • Prevent storm and rain damage on unfinished builds.
    • Assure regular working hours for employees, rain, hail or shine.
    • Provide HSE compliant protection for workers during poor conditions.

    Avoid weather disruptions with tailored protection for your job site

    How many days have you had to call off because of rain? Environmental delays cost Australian construction companies lost revenue every year. When a job falls behind schedule, it affects everyone on the project, and is likely to impact the timelines of your next project as well. TUFWRAP circumvent common external factors like rain, wind and heat, allowing you to meet deadlines without the worry of weather postponements.

    A completely customisable protection solution

    TUFWRAP’s modulated bags drop over and shrink to your project’s unique specifications. This bag gives new builds and partially-completed renovations an extra level of coverage that a traditional tarpaulin cannot. When weather conditions change suddenly, TUFWRAP provides a durable, protective coating that stops water getting into the worksite and prevents storm damage. This is a quick way to “make good” and affords you the peace of mind that your valuables are safe from the elements.

    Learn how to provide a safe working environment for employees in all conditions

    Did you know it’s illegal to work on a wet scaffold? Meeting HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) regulations and requirements is a lot simpler with TUFWRAP. Our effective weather abatement systems eliminate the risk of unfavourable conditions to ensure your site is always functional and fit for work. With external factors taken out of the equation, it allows tradesmen to continue working in a safe and secure environment.

    With TUFWRAP, you have the ability to seal off subsections of the worksite and control interior temperatures. By using positive and negative air pressure, blowers and vents, the temperature of a TUFWRAP contained area can be pressurised and de-pressurised to suit your needs. This solution is perfect for work that requires specific environmental controls for material and coating preparation.

    A TUFWRAP for all conditions

    • Wet weather. Remove the slip-hazard from stairs, scaffolding and walkways by encapsulating exposed areas, covering open boardwalks and blocking any at-risk spaces.
    • Excessive heat. Contain the area and stabilise the temperature of the worksite with an innovative, heat-controlled system using air-conditioning and ventilation.
    • High winds. Block unfriendly gusts with a durable, sturdy TUFWRAP solution, and say good-bye to ineffective tarpaulins flapping in the wind.
    • Falling objects. Reduce the risk of fallout and other construction related debris with a fully-contained TUFWRAP coating.
    • UV rays. Shield workers from sunburn and maintain proper HSE standards with a specialised shrink wrap system.
    • Humidity. Dehumidify work zones in a tropical climate using air pressure controls, allowing coatings and paintwork to set.

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    Our expert team will provide an in-depth consultation to identify your projects needs and deliver an effective, customised solution. TUFWRAP solutions are also available to protect large items such as boats, cars, heavy machinery and equipment.

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