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How shrink wrap scaffold protects workers on construction sites

TUFWRAP delivers versatile containment solutions for any job site, big or small. Our shrink wrap sheeting effectively encapsulates your scaffolding and provides protection from weather and construction fallout. For absolute ease of application and precision, all sheeting is cut to specification and welded on-site. After being heat-shrunk, the wrap is sealed with a flush, drum-like finish for a modern, secure and aesthetically pleasing result.

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    Learn how shrink wrapping is used for bulk or dust containment

    TUFWRAP offers a range purposely designed scaffold containment systems to manage bulk and dust on construction sites. From scaffold meshes to woven plastics and shrink films, all systems are available in flame retardant, UV and hi-tensile materials. These innovative systems prevent debris from affecting the environment surrounding the job site.

    5 reasons to shrink wrap your scaffolding

    1. Resistant to high-winds. Once shrunk and fitted to the shape of your frame, the shrink wrap will not flap in high winds and is resilient to bad weather. This means less repairs are needed after the initial installation.
    2. Safe and secure. The shrink wrap is welded together and shrunk to your scaffolding project. With its taut, fully-enclosed covering, the scaffold is contained, offering increased safety against falling objects and debris.
    3. Fast application. A TUFWRAP system has the versatility to be cut and welded on site, so there’s no delays while waiting for exact measurements.
    4. Free advertising. Once wrapped, your scaffolding can act as a promotional billboard for your company. Our tight, white sheeting is perfect for printing large-scale logos or images for public display for the duration of the project.
    5. Protects workers and gives privacy. An opaque coating will keep your job under wraps and away from prying eyes (not to mention shielding workers from harmful UV rays).

    Learn how TUFWRAP are making safety a priority

    Did you know our director is on the board of the Australian Standard BD036 committee?

    TUFWRAP takes safety measures seriously. To ensure the wellbeing of workers, we’re continuously exploring and investing in new ways of managing construction fallout. Our containment products adhere to the industry standard in pedestrian and worker safety by preventing the risk of falling objects and other construction-related debris.

    Unlimited by the shape or size of your project, we have a TUFWRAP to fit. If we don’t have it. We’ll make it for you!

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