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Heritage Preservation

Cutting-edge preservation solutions for priceless pieces of art

TUFWRAP is constantly developing and evolving our containment systems to meet the preservation requirements of world-class museums, collections and significant historical sites. Working closely with a cross-section of industries and organisations, we’re proud to help protect priceless artworks and artefacts with our innovative preservation techniques. These preservation systems ensure items of historical importance and value remain in good condition for years to come.

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    How to preserve priceless artefacts for future generations (even while on public display!)

    It’s no secret proper preservation is vital for the survival of historical works. However, conservation needs to be balanced against the demand to exhibit priceless artefacts for public enjoyment. Believe it or not, TUFWRAP provides innovative art preservation techniques for museums and galleries. Our systems create a controlled micro-environment around the artwork and guard it against damage, deterioration and decolouration while on display.

    A TUFWRAP solution offers:

    • A controlled eco-system that shields against corrosion.
    • Non-volatile, contained conditions for the restoration of works.
    • Long-term systems for mould prevention.
    • Cleanrooms with controlled air pressure to stop aging and decolouration.
    • Filtration systems to maintain a consistent air pressure and temperature.

    How TUFWRAP aids the preservation and restoration of heritage builds.

    Heritage-listed buildings are unique and irreplaceable pieces of history. It goes without saying that any structural restoration work must be carried out in a way that protects the aging condition of the building, while also maintaining the integrity of the façade. With the application of a protective shrink wrap solution, TUFWRAP stops any site fall-out and shields the delicate structure against detrimental weather conditions. TUFWRAP can also be utilised to segregate the site and isolate areas that require a stable, temperature-controlled environment to help materials set.

    Stone masons, have you considered TUFWRAP for your remedial works?

    Heritage stone masonry requires a specialised approach, particularly in regard to setting mortar. This can be exceptionally challenging in damp conditions. TUFWRAP is able to create the ideal humid conditions required for mortar to set and keep stone masonry jobs moving along. A proper waste removal process is another important aspect. With extensive experience in the challenges associated with historical buildings, bridges and other structures, TUFWRAP provides complete protection and containment solutions for specialised remedial works.

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    The possibilities of how TUFWRAP technologies can assist these sectors is truly limitless. Get in touch for a free, no obligation consultation with our experienced team.

    Sectors we work with include:

    • Mechanical
    • Archaeological
    • Historical building and stone masonry
    • Museums and art galleries