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How boat shrink wrap protects your vessel from weathering, wildlife and the elements.

Buying a boat is a big investment, so it makes sense to take proper precautions to look after it. TUFWRAP protects your vessel by actively shielding it against unfriendly weather conditions, dirt and debris. Supporting the longevity and resale-value of your asset, this coating defends against the common issues of salt, rust and decay and keeps it looking newer for longer.

TUFWRAP’s boat shrink wrap is used for:

  • Transportation. Safely moving vessels interstate and overseas while protecting surfaces from diesel fallout, fumes and spillage.
  • Storage. Preservation over the winter months to keep it safe, perfectly clean and ward-off pests.
  • Protection. Protection from weather conditions and the elements, including UV protection to stop sun damage and deterioration.

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    Did you know boat shrink wrap protects vessels when transporting interstate and overseas?

    Avoid damage to your boat when transporting via road or shipping long distances with TUFWRAP. Our custom-fitted covering provides a quick and durable layer around your boat and prevents residue from diesel fumes, dust and spillage during the voyage. Using cutting-edge, weather-abating materials, TUFWRAP ensures your vessel arrives at its destination in the same condition it left. For added piece of mind, we also offer state-of-the-art tracking devices which provide up-to-the-minute reports on the condition of your vessel throughout the journey.

    3 benefits of using a boat shrink wrap for transportation:

    1. Protects from damage. Applies protective material around sharp edges and exposed parts to guard against breakages and damage.
    2. Saves you money. Keeps your boat perfectly preserved during transportation and avoids the need for expensive cleaning process at the other end.
    3. Provides security. Shields your vessel from prying eyes and offers a level of safekeeping.

    Learn how boat shrink wrap allows you to carry out maintenance all year round

    We know boaters love fixing and fiddling with their vessels during the winter season. However, a tarp or generic boat cover can be an expensive and ineffective way to keep the vessel dry, clean and secure. Thankfully, a TUFWRAP weather-proof film forms a canopy over your boat, allowing you to work on areas that need attention and make adjustments without the fear of weather interruptions. Basically, it allows dedicated boat-owners to tinker all year round, no matter the weather.

    Winterisation packages

    TUFWRAP also offer a complete winterisation package for boat owners. Particularly necessary in the lead-up to winter, this package prepares vessels for the change in season and includes draining water from the hull, removing plant life, cleaning bilges and detailing of your boat prior to shrink wrapping. We can also apply a complete marine shrink wrap coating to keep it perfectly clean and ward off pests.

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    How much does it cost to shrink wrap a boat?

    TUFWRAP uses specialist boat shrink wrapping equipment for a custom-fitted application. We shrink wrap boats of all sizes, so there’s no job too big or small, and our mobile shrink wrap service will come to you.

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