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How shrink wrap protects high-value mining machinery and equipment

It’s fair to say the mining industry has unique challenges when it comes to the storage, preservation and transportation of specialised machinery. Working closely with Australian mining companies, TUFWRAP facilitates tailored, versatile and cost-effective solutions for the protection of heavy machinery and other expert mining equipment. Using industrial grade wrap, we assure the highest level of protection for valuable mining assets on worksites when they’re not in use.

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    3 reasons to consider a TUFWRAP system when storing mining equipment

    It protects against extreme weather
    It’s no secret Australia’s mining sites are exposed to some of the harshest and most extreme weather conditions in the country. This means high-value industrial machinery also bears the brunt of these unruly conditions. TUFWRAP’s fully customisable outdoor storage solutions stand up against these environments. Applied on-site and moulded to fit around the shape and size of the equipment, our shrink wrap is sealed and secured for complete weather-proofing. In-field storage is not a problem, as TUFWRAP can turn any environmental situation into a preservation space.

    It preserves the condition of the asset and assures its longevity
    Treat your equipment with the upmost care and preservation for future use with TUFWRAP. Even if the machinery is stored in a warehouse or shed, a shrink wrap coating is still recommended in order to preserve the condition of the equipment and protect it against corrosion, rust, dust and debris. Whether you require long-term protection for assets in lay-down yards or short-term covers for items in high-rotation use, we have a solution to suit. A TUFWRAP system also offers protection against pests and helps to regulate the temperature of the asset.

    It allows assets in storage to be returned to working order quickly
    When using a TUFWRAP system, machinery can be called out of storage and back into operation at a moment’s notice. We have smart, customisable storage and preservation solutions for heavy machinery such as earth movers and crushers, along with drills, blasting tools and other expert mining equipment. TUFWRAP can be removed quickly, allowing for a fast-turnaround when the asset is called back into use. These systems can even be re-used, should the situation change. Even in the instance that the item needs to be transported to a new work location, TUFWRAP allows for easy movability without the worry of damage along the way.


    Safety for mine workers: How to minimise the risk of dust and heat exposure

    Mining sites are notoriously unforgiving working environments. That’s why it’s important to put the proper measures in place to protect workers from the risks associated with dust, heat and UV exposure. Be assured you’re providing the safest conditions possible by engaging a TUFWRAP solution. We can create temporary shelters for equipment repair work and seclusion areas to protect personnel against the weather, harmful UV rays and possible toxic situations.

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