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Tufwrap Australia are a solutions based Preservation Company. We manufacture and utilise the best systems and tailor them together to provide the best outcome. We have the Capability to provide on site application and consultation at an SAP MM level. Engaging TUFWRAP also guarantees your getting the right products for the job. We have a large manufacturing capability , and have prided ourselves of Innovating and creating new systems for our clients to provide the best outcome

Take pre-emptive steps to preserve the condition of your valuable asset with a TUFWRAP system. Our anti-corrosive, anti-static systems and humidity management desiccants provide long-term protection for assets while in transport or storage. Ideal for use during production, shipment, delivery and assembly, our cutting-edge solutions can be customised to suit a range of applications.

On-site preservation services include:

  • Non-volatile preservation systems using TUFWRAP Preservation Solutions.
  • Preservation bags, films, foams and fabrics
  • Foil systems , custom made
  • SOP Generation
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Systems
  • Anti-corrosion and ESD thermoforming and thermoplastic products and systems
  • Desiccants and humidity control products and systems
  • Barrier systems manufactured and customised to order
  • Rust removal and pre-preservation asset remediation
  • Project logistic services
  • SAP Material Management
  • Environmental monitoring and digital containment tracking

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    How to protect against corrosion on construction sites

    Humidity can cause numerous problems on a construction project. Building sites in damp, tropical conditions can experience prolonged drying times and extended project timelines. A humid environment can even have a negative impact on the quality of finishes. A TUFWRAP preservation system wraps around your industrial machinery and equipment, forming an air-tight micro-environment. The conditions inside this wrap are unaffected by outside temperatures, including weather and humidity. Even moisture that migrates through the packaging has its corrosive elements neutralised so it can not cause any damage.

    How desiccants help manage moisture during storage and transportation

    TUFWRAP are specialist in dealing with humidity in contained environments. With a base in Darwin, Australia, we’re experts at preservation systems from the north of the country down to the colder south. One of the risks associated with humidity is that it leads to the growth of mould and is a contributing cause of corrosion. Condensation inside packaged goods or in freight containers may also lead to long-term damage to the product. When humidity is an issue, it’s imperative to maintain a low and constant relative humidity (RH). This is possible with the right evaluation products and proper monitoring during transport.

    The inclusion of a desiccant can counteract humidity and moisture and keep items preserved. TUFWRAP offer a full suite of container products and systems and can assist with humidity enquiries in the areas of:

    • Project logistics
    • Asset preservation
    • Long- and short-term storage
    • Cargo and container care
    • Intermodals freight transport.

    Types of desiccants to guard against humidity

    There are a variety of desiccants to combat the risk of humidity and condensation in transportation logistics and on construction sites. We offer consultation to find the right product for your project. These may include:

    • Clay desiccants. A natural and non-hazardous option, desiccant clay is non-corrosive, chemically inactive and is attracted to water. Generally used for transporting goods in humid conditions, desiccant clay has a high absorption capacity.
    • Mineral desiccants. Commonly used as a container desiccant for transportation, mineral desiccants have a superior ability to absorb moisture from the air. Each sachet can absorb twice its weight in moisture and stops the common issue of container rain.
    • Silica desiccants. Ideal for smaller packaged goods, silica desiccants help prevent mould, mildew, corrosion and odours during storage or transportation

    Transporting logistics: How TUFWRAP can save you time and money

    Using a TUFWRAP preservation system takes the headache out of transporting logistics. The sealed-environment removes the need for conservation and de-oiling upon delivery. Without these industrial applications, you’ll be saving a significant amount of time and money during transportation and storage of assets.

     5 benefits of a TUFWRAP preservation system:

    1. Safe and reliable products that have been tried and tested.
    2. Materials that are effective against changeable weather conditions.
    3. Environmentally friendly, using recyclable materials wherever possible.
    4. Oil-free application to save on additional cleaning processes upon delivery.
    5. Fast acting and simple to apply and remove.

    What is anti-static material used for?

    A must for any electronic environment, an anti-static shrink wrap protects the product from static electric shocks by dispersing the electric current. TUFWRAP anti-static shrink wrap also safeguards the product from dust and decay.

    Did you know there are four commonly used types of anti-static materials?

    When choosing an antistatic protection, it’s important to understand which of the four most commonly used material options is right for your project.

    1. Dissipative material. Commonly used for highly sensitive electronics, a plastic static-dissipative material emits a lower energy to the ground to prevent discharge and damage.
    2. Conductive material. With a low electrical resistance, charges flow quickly and easily through the material. TUFWRAP’s conductive material products include ziplock bags, liners and films.
    3. Anti-static material. This type of material inhibits triboelectric charging through contact with another material.
    4. Shielding material. With a high electrical resistance, an insulative or shielding material has slow or no movement of electrical current.

    Electrostatic discharge and antistatic controls for the energy sector

    Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can cause harmful effects in industry. TUFWRAP create tailored solutions to ESD problems. Working alongside the energy sector, we use our experience in asset preservation and apply it to our approach to ESD and anti-static control. With customised solutions that can be manufactured to suit your unique specifications, TUFWRAP can fabricate, convert or laminate a combination of materials to facilitate the right outcome.

    Chat with the experts

    TUFWRAP’s specialist installers are able to consult, assess and advise on a unique asset preservation plan and humidity management approach for your project. After a complete consultation, we can manufacture a solution to ensure the preservation of your asset, were a solution based company, so the best outcome is paramount.

    • Protection for sensitive equipment
    • Long-term storage for large machines and their components
    • Protection for oversized machines and equipment
    • Protection for overseas shipments and outside storage
    • Cost-effective storage

    Get in touch with our qualified application advisors and find out what we can do for you.