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How to avoid damage to oversized cargo when transporting by rail

Shipping containers aren’t always a viable option when it comes to transporting large and oddly shaped items by rail. Due to the size or dimensions, the item may not fit inside a standard container or crate. This means precious cargo is often left unprotected and exposed to rain, wind and grime, not to mention, damage and corrosion. Fortunately, TUFWRAP have an alternative solution. Working closely with the rail sector, we’ve developed specialised freight transport packing systems that protect large and unusually shaped items during long and local rail journeys. Our transport wraps are durable in the face of bad weather, high-speed travel and environmental conditions. Better still, they are completely customisable to suit your needs.

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    We specialise in:

    • Safe and secure transportation systems and logistics.
    • Customisable wraps for oversized and precious items.
    • Preservation methods for mothballed rail tankers.
    • Clean and uncontaminated environments, allowing faster processing through quarantine check points.

    All TUFWRAP personnel are RIW (Rail Induction Workforce) qualified, allowing us to perform civil works containment on structures.

    How do our rail freight protection systems work?

    TUFWRAP know what it takes to professionally seal and transport high-value items by rail.

    Using quality materials and innovative methods, our systems keep items concealed, clean and protected from corrosive toxins in the air. These systems can be fitted over any item and will remain fixed and secure when moving at high speeds, through harsh conditions and during long journeys.

    3 benefits of shrink wrapping for rail transport


    Secure transportation from point A to point B


    It’s no surprise that deck cargo often leads to items being damaged. A TUFWRAP solution is your ultimate safeguard against scuffs, scratches and breakages during rail transport. Extremely tough and durable, TUFWRAP offer protection on all levels, giving you the confidence your freight will arrive at its destination in one piece, scratch-free and in the same condition it left.


    Preserving and tracking the condition of cargo over long distances


    In addition to a timely arrival at your destination, another important factor to consider is how to protect your cargo during long-distance rail transport. With TUFWRAP, your item is assured protection from environmental elements such as salt-heavy sea air and road grime. Our sealed containment solutions offer corrosion control by forming a barrier of protection around the item and eliminating moisture from getting in. We also have cutting-edge technology which enables condition monitoring of the item during the journey.


    Cost-effective alternative to shipping containers or crates.


    Covering cargo with a tarp is extremely ineffective form of protection for large items. Not only will it flap in the wind and let dirt and rain in, but dangerously, it also has the potential to become unsecured. A TUFWRAP system is an affordable and effective way to protect your item. Our weather-safe systems keep large or bulky items clean and uncontaminated during the journey. The wrapping process is also less time consuming and less expensive than traditional methods.

    Storage and protection of spare and mothballed rail tankers

    TUFWRAP provides the rail industry with storage solutions for unused rail cars. These preservation systems maintain the condition of the tanker, even for long periods while it’s not in use.  

    Our services include

    • Mothballing and fleet storage systems.
    • Critical spare protection for global manufacturing while in storage.
    • Bogie axle bearing protection.
    • Include ventilation and entrance doors if required.

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