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Revolutionary new asset monitoring technology

TUFWRAP are thrilled to bring an innovative new asset monitoring tool to market which is in the final stages of testing. More information coming in late 2020! 

Asset tracking and monitoring during transportation and storage

It’s no secret critical assets, parts and machinery require a controlled and stable environment during transportation or while in storage. TUFWRAP has developed an advanced asset tracking system to facilitate instantaneous updates on the condition of the asset. Using innovative technology, this system monitors the asset throughout the journey, whether it be across oceans or as rail freight. Providing constant updates on temperature, humidity and other impacting factors, our monitoring technology provides additional reassurance that the asset will arrive at its destination in the same condition it left. Likewise, it can be utilised for products in long-term storage systems to ensure they remain in pristine working condition.

Industry leaders in asset condition monitoring

TUFWRAP are leading the way in up-to-the-minute asset monitoring. This new technology, coupled with our integrated preservation and storage systems, allows customers complete piece of mind that assets are safe and secure throughout all stages of their life-cycle.

Discover how TUFWRAP’s monitoring technology can be used for your project.