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Storage & Logistics

Packaging solutions for the storage and transportation of products.

Using the right packaging is vital when storing or transporting products. Millions of consumable products, manufacturer items and heavy machinery go through some sort of packaging process every day to allow them to be safety transported or put away for long-term storage. TUFWRAP offer a range of packaging options to ensure these items remain safe and secure. Our solutions provide you with the peace of mind your products will arrive at their destination intact and undamaged, or come out of storage in the same condition they were put in.

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    Wondering which packaging system to use for long-term storage of assets?

    Not all storage packaging systems are created equal. When it comes to reliability in long-term storage, you can’t go past TUFWRAP. We offer a range of wrapping materials and can create customised protective solutions for your asset. After a consultation with our professional team, we’ll advise on the best storage option to ensure the integrity of your asset is preserved.

    How to protect valuable assets during transport and logistics.

    Need to transport large or oddly shaped cargo by sea, road or rail? When dealing with oversized items, the only option may be to ship it on deck. In these instances, you require the very best systems to protect against sea spray and unpredictable weather conditions. We specialise in shipping items that don’t necessarily fit within the parameters of a standard shipping container. Our packaging assures the safety of your item while exposed to the elements on-deck.

    Project logistics experts: Creating customised solutions to get your item safely from point A to B.

    TUFWRAP also specialise in project logistics. We’re experienced in dealing with some of the harshest and changeable environments Australia has to offer. We know what it takes to move assets through deserts, humid areas and during monsoon season. We have packaging and logistical solutions to assure full protection for your product in all of these conditions. Working with some of the world’s largest freight specialists, we provide end-to-end solutions for assets in transit. Alongside our global network of partners, TUFWRAP have eyes on your product to ensure its safety from origin to destination.

    Experts in the project logistics space, we can recommend the systems and products that will work best for your project. We even provide corrosion systems for roll-on/roll-off vessels and containers.