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Learn about environmentally-friendly shrink wrap solutions

Did you know discarded industrial shrink wrap accounts for tonnes of plastic construction waste every year?

To overcome this environmental issue, TUFWRAP have developed a viable alternative to traditional, non-degradable packaging. We’re constantly reviewing our containment and preservation systems and updating them with more environmentally conscious materials. These new technologies include carbon-neutral and bio resins, biodegradable films and plastics. We’re proud to say all our products are recyclable and environmentally friendly. By making these compostable plastics readily available, we’re doing our bit to improve the sustainability of our partner industries. 

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    3 benefits of using eco-friendly products on your project

    Consider your environmental impact when deciding on your next packaging, storage and containment solution. Being able to recycle the shrink wrap packaging your business uses in day-to-day operations is a simple change you can make today to take a step towards a greener business.

    1. Business sustainability. Make environmentally conscious decisions when choosing a shrink wrap provider and ensure the materials you’re using can be recycled.
    2. Using a superior product. Opt for new technologies and advanced materials for your shrink wrap systems.
    3. Industry bragging rights. Spread the word that your business uses recyclable and sustainable products and aim to be more environmentally conscious than your competitors. 

    Take ‘The Swap’ challenge and reduce your environmental footprint

    TUFWRAP are committed to reducing our environmental impact by making eco-friendly products readily available to big businesses. We encourage major players to take ‘The Swap’ challenge and replace their current storage and preservation systems with renewable alternatives on their next project.

    Get in touch for a comprehensive assessment of your existing packaging and let us suggest a greener more environmentally friendly option.

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    Did you know our shrink wrap packaging is eco-friendly?

    Unlike conventional methods, our technology doesn’t need to be in direct contact with the material to offer absolute protection. This enables new packaging concepts with higher packing densities and less packaging materials, leading to less waste. Not only are our products reusable, but they are also 100% environmentally friendly and free from outgassing chemicals.

    In addition to using recyclable materials, our products also:

    • Manage and minimise environmental impact from construction sites
    • Mitigate worksite fallout
    • Stop overspray into oceans and eco-systems