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Developing new preservation solutions for the energy industry

It’s no secret Australia’s oil and gas industries operate in some of the harshest conditions in the country. Geographically, these locations present logistical challenges, but unrelenting external factors, such as weather, can be even more damaging to equipment, parts and personnel.  TUFWRAP understand the demanding requirements of the energy industry. For the past five years, we’ve worked closely with oil and gas companies to create workable solutions for weather abatement and the protection of high-value parts and other assets.

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    How to protect oil rigs, parts and platforms from the elements

    Creating bespoke environments around challenging objects is our speciality! TUFWRAP systems are specially designed to withstand the severe conditions of off-shore oil rigs, vessels and platforms. Our systems form a protective barricade against salt water and sea air. They can be installed around a rig or platform to protect the structure and workers from disruptive weather forces. This allows works to continue, while valuable assets are protected.

    Learn about our environmentally-friendly solutions for oil and gas organisations

    Focussed on improving sustainability, TUFWRAP use only eco-friendly recyclable materials and offer a viable alternative to non-degradable products. We’re doing our bit for the planet by making these products readily available to the Australian oil and gas industry and we encourage major players to make the switch to a superior product. Get in touch with us to discuss renewable alternatives to your current preservation systems.

    How we’re improving the safety and reliability of energy sector equipment.

    To put it simply, we create, design, test and implement solutions. These customised systems improve the safety, longevity and reliability of oil and gas parts and equipment. Whether your base is located in the middle of the ocean, the driest of deserts or in a tropical jungle, we have lasting preservation and environmental control solutions. TUFWRAP works closely with the largest of operators, OEMs and maintainers of equipment in Australia, Asia and globally. We provide agile responses to challenges and issues faced by our customers and provide them with new (and sometimes even radical) solutions.

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