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Modular Construction

How TUFWRAP modular shrink wrap systems can protect for transport or storage

TUFWRAP delivers tailored wrapping solutions for any modular project. Our shrink wrap systems effectively protect exposed areas of your module to ensure it is in the best condition upon arrival at site. TUFWRAP develops unique solutions based on industry and need. TUFWRAP systems include solutions to wrap modular buildings, wrap bathroom pods and to wrap modular walls or panels for transit or storage on site. A TUFWRAP system can offer protection against a range of elements including dust, debris, humidity and salt water.

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    In-house Training

    TUFWRAP can provide in-house training for shrink wrapping. Through supply all of the neccessary tools and products, training of staff and key personnel and insights into the TUFWRAP methodology, modular companies can fully implement shrink wrapping as part of their production process.

    5 reasons to shrink wrap in modular construction

    1. Weather protection. Once shrunk and fitted to the shape of your frame, the shrink wrap will not flap in high winds and is resilient to bad weather. This means less repairs are needed after the initial installation.
    2. Dust protection. The shrink wrap is welded together and shrunk to your modular item. With its taut, fully-enclosed covering, the module is contained, offering protection from dust and debris. 
    3. Ocean Freight. Modules being transported overseas can pose risks with saltwater and corrosion. A TUFWRAP modular wrap system can ensure modules arrive on site in the best condition.
    4. Storage outdoors or on site. A TUFWRAP system has the potential to allow for storage outdoors for long periods of time. A tailored system can allow for protection against weather and UV until the modules are ready for installation. 
    5. Free advertising. Once wrapped, your module can act as a promotional billboard on the road or stored on site. Our tight, white sheeting is perfect for printing large-scale logos or images for for public display.